Episode 94

For Episode 94 we finally made it back to our studio. We had three amazing episodes at three amazing breweries, but we needed to get back to our bread and butter. In this episode of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed why Yanet Garcia, the world’s hottest weather girl got dumped by her boyfriend, Tony ruins your dreams of being able to superhumanly fly, Alex reviews of Equalizer 2 and Sorry to Bother You, plus Japan’s current ninja shortage.

We got to drink some delicious beer by J. Wakefield, Flagler Village and Cerveceria Bucanero. Plus, the guys from Hydra Beer Company out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota sent us a couple of great beers too.

As always, we started off the show with a few rounds of Would You Rather and we ended the show with everyone’s favorite What Burns Your Bacon? We also featured a new game in the middle of the show, the wheel of Dan. What is it? How do we play? What does it mean? Listen to find out!

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