Episode 82

For episode 82 we were on location at Boxelder Craft Beer Market in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami and we were joined by none other than longtime friend of the show Scott.

In this fun episode we discussed pizza for breakfast, about how monkeys will pay to look at pictures of other female monkey bottoms, a study that talked about alcohol and longevity, how there are people manufacturing new durable skin for robots and what shows Alex is currently watching.

Because we recorded at Boxelder we got to try some of the beer that they had on tap including Civil Society, 81 Bay Brewing Co., Ardent Craft Ales and Grimm Artisanal Ales. And like always we started the show off with a few rounds of Would You Rather and then ended the show with What Burns Your Bacon.

Author: beerbrosbs

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  1. katabamioffice

    Elmo, his Beanie Baby monkey, and his teddy bear (that he calls “Bo”) to name a few.


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