Episode 81

The bros were back with an ample amount of BS for episode 81! In this episode we discuss Intel’s augmented reality glasses, a Brazilian drug trafficker who’s being called a modern day Robin Hood, another round of BS or not and some interesting information on saran wrap.

You better believe we tried some good beer. This week we tried delicious brews from Cigar City and their collaboration with Jameson Irish Whiskey, Civil Society, Avery Brewing Co. and Odd Breed Wild Ales. Plus like always we played a few rounds of “Would You Rather” and “What Burns Your Bacon.”


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  1. marvelousmommy

    DeeStark : I find it funny when people make a big deal about the budget. Do you even know what the budget is used for? There are many factors that lead to a lower budget. First and foremost, 6 episodes, 1 less from last year, means one less episode of CGI and editing work, as an example. 6 episodes means less filming time for some characters/actors, less filming for extras etc. And considering we are at season 8, we have less supporting cast (ex: Aiden Gillen, Ellie Kendrick etc), so less payments there. ITs really not a big deal. And going from 100 million to 90 million? Come on. big deal LOL And don”t forget the actors get paid per episode in season 7 and 8. If one or 2 main characters wil die mid seasons that will lower the cost.


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