Episode 115: Beer, Babes & BS

In our April Fool’s Day episode, Beer Bros & BS was taken over by Beer, Babes & BS!!! Yes, you are reading correctly…we turned the controls over to several of our beer ladies to have fun! Beer, Babes & BS featured Sonia aka Beer Dolfan, Danette aka Craft Beer Goonette, Amanda Babes Beerventure, Ely, Danii Dollars, and Michelle “Michelada” Fernandendez.

They spoke about their introduction to craft beer and the craft beer world, chatted about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers: End Game release and the recent college admissions scandal. 

Keeping with the hallowed Beer, Bros & BS tradition they started off the show with a few rounds of “Would You Rather” and ended with “What Burns Your Bacon.”

On top of all of that they reviewed some delicious beer from 3 Sons Brewing Co, Bottle Logic, Hidden Springs, 7venth Sun, New Belgium and Funky Buddha

We hope you enjoyed this fun-filled twist, and who knows what other tricks we will have up our sleeves in the future. Please be a friend of the show and be sure to subscribe and follow us online.


Author: beerbrosbs

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