Episode 113: 3 Sons Brewing Co.

Episode 113 of Beer, Bros & BS brings another edition of our “At the Brewery Series” as we got to record live at the freshly opened 3 Sons Brewing Company in Dania Beach, Florida. Joining us from the brewery on this episode was Corey, Luis and Nic.

During the episode we discussed some of the new and oldest internet challenges, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando, Breaking Bad and Schraderbrau, the best fictional beers, the geography of water and more!

Because we recorded at 3 Sons, all the beer that we reviewed came directly from the brewery. As always, we started the show off with a few rounds of Would You Rather and we ended it with everyone’s favorite way to vent, What Burns Your Bacon?

3 Sons is now open for your drinking pleasure, so make sure you check them out and give them a follow online. Also, please be a friend of the show and be sure to follow us online and subscribe.


Author: beerbrosbs

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