Episode 110: Lincoln’s Beard Brewing

For Episode 110 of Beer, Bros & BS we’re back at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing for another edition of “At the Brewery” series. Joining us once again was the main man behind the brewery, Falco, and first time BSer Alex from Mr. PB&J.

We recorded at the brewery because we’ll be defending our title at this year’s Don’t Be Jelly Fest sponsored by Lincoln’s Beard and Mr. PB&J. Beyond all of the smack talk, we also talked about the Jamaican lottery winner who picked up his winnings in a Scream Halloween mask, how curiosity killed a cat and the toughest and one of the oddest-looking creatures, tardigrades.

Like always, we started off the show with a few rounds of Would You Rather and we ended the episode with What Burns Your Bacon. And because we recorded at Lincoln’s Beard, all of the beer we had come from them.

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Author: beerbrosbs

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