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With Chicago’s long history of beer and the city’s multitude of museums, there should be no surprise that there’s a museum dedicated to their story of beer. The Chicago Brewseum is billed as the world’s first museum dedicated to beer. Though the museum is still in its planning stages they are already have an exhibit in the Field Museum.

(Image courtesy of Chicago Brewseum Instagram)

Capitalizing on this is the Chicago Athletic Association hotel who is partnering with the upcoming Brewseum and their current exhibition at the Field Museum by introducing a Brewcation.

According to a press release, “As part of the Chicago Athletic Association hotel’s Brewcation Package, guests are invited to get a taste of the Chicago Brewseum, and what makes Chicago “the craft beer capitol of the United States” (according to the Brewers Association).”

(Image courtesy of Chicago Brewseum Instagram)

The Brewcation Package features complimentary tickets to the Field Museum (which includes entry into Chicago Brewseum’s special exhibition), beer tokens for two Schlitz beers (a key player in Chicago’s beer story) redeemable in the hotel’s Game Room and an in-room six pack highlighting the Chicago craft breweries helping bring the Chicago Brewseum to life.

Also available, for an extra charge, is a one on one beer history tour around Chicago with Chicago Brewseum founder Liz Garibay. The tour includes a stop to a historic Chicago tavern and to a visit to a couple of the best craft breweries in Chicago.

Chicago Athletic Association Game Room (Image courtesy of Chicago Athletic Association)

The only hotel to offer a Chicago Brewseum overnight package is the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. The Brewcation Package has bookings for 2 nights or more, from February 15 – May 31, 2019, for stays from March 1 – May 31, 2019. The Chicago Athletic Association hotel is a luxury hotel located on Michigan Avenue near Millennium Park.

What other cities would you like to see feature a beercation? Mention them below in the comments area.


Featured image courtesy of The Chicago Brewseum.

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