About Us

You listen to the show but you want to know more about us:


Dave – Teller of stories, drinker of beers, reader of (comic) books, watcher of sports, devourer of food, mostly entertaining. He contributes at TuffGnarl.com, follow him on Twitter @thebiglibrarian.

Dan – Avid follower of pro wrestling, fan of all types of music, viewer of many sports / player of none. Follow him online at @dan12con.

JJ – A metalhead that wants to be a chef. He’s also a video game enthusiast, thrill ride junkie, sci-fi/horror fan boy, comic geek and friend to the sharks! You can find him online at @The_Metal_Chef.

Jose – Software developer and home brewer. He also is interested in board games and is a Magic: The Gathering junkie. He is not so big into comic book lore; he is more into manga and anime. You can follow him at @jose_jr.

Alex – Founder, editor and contributor to www.sipsfromthesnifter.com. He’s a Miami native, a life-long learner and alumnus from The []_[]. Follow him on Untappd, Instagram and Twitter @Allapattah_King.

Tony – Perhaps the only thing Tony enjoys more than great beer (especially sours) is traveling to places he’s never been before. He also likes bad jokes and puns, cheering for his favorite sports teams (the Miami Heat, Dolphins, Hurricanes, and Arsenal FC) and good times with friends.